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Founded online in 2017 as a labor of love, sinkhole is a politics and culture website committed to exploring, not explaining.


This is a place for those conversations most of us have but don’t for some reason ever seem to find their way into print: weird exhilarating mashed-up Babels of politics, culture, and art; it’s a liminal space, in keeping with Einstein’s “spooky action at a distance;” it’s a place for new and underrepresented writers to showcase their work; it’s the poor person’s Atlantic. Literally, we’re very poor.

It’s a lot of things, in other words. Just like you.

We publish long- and short-form reporting, multimedia journalism, essays and commentary, fiction and poetry, interviews, and a podcast.

The bottom line is this: sinkhole is, as one of our editors describes it, a place where cool people do dope shit every day.

Thanks for reading.


eric fershtman

democritus lover, sock connoisseur. work in WikiTribuneSoapbox, Seneca Review, BULL, and elsewhere.

brendon barnes

currently listening to a podcast instead of recording a podcast. cast iron game: immaculate. work in Portland Review, Bayou Magazine, and elsewhere.

rachel kolman
contributing culture editor

has watched every season of the Real World/Road Rules challenge. give her your Westworld fan theories. work in Cosmopolitan, Elle, Bustle, and elsewhere.


emma reinhardt
contributing creative editor

can be found watching too many true crime shows and hiding in forests. plays Broadway songs far too loudly on the piano. won honorable mention in the AWP Intro Journals Project Awards.


katharine coldiron
contributing books editor

has tattoos from the Simpsons and Mystery Science Theater 3000. irretrievable feminist, Ravenclaw, and Libra. work in Ms., the Guardian, LARB, the Rumpus, elsewhere.