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'A press should play a leading role in a city's literary life'

Ryan Rivas discusses Burrow Press, the role of small presses in building a literary community, and the unique experience of reading.

Madison Bernath | 5.10.17


'Our core belief is that journalism can and should facilitate dialogue'

Eve Pearlman and Jeremy Hay of Spaceship Media, and Michelle Holmes of the Alabama Media Group, discuss the benefits and challenges of community-driven journalism.

Eric Fershtman | 5.8.17

'It is our ambition to be the business news outlet of this century'

Kevin J. Delaney discusses Quartz's ambitions and funding model, its new Talent Lab, and how is organized to reflect Quartz's approach to journalism.

Eric Fershtman | 4.24.17

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"You’ll likely have your own list of these: misheard lyrics amusing to recollect and share with feigned shame."

Kevin Casey | 5.18.17

A Last Supper

"It's a bet of long odds that my final words will be notable or recorded."

Kevin Casey | 5.11.17