The home run’s cultural imprint continues to grow.  

by Andrew Forbes

Eric and Andrew discuss how the increasing emphasis on the home run has transformed baseball, and the ways in which baseball culture has tracked alongside of American culture writ large. 

West’s eighth studio album is uneven, but it does deliver a handful of memorable moments.  

by Brendon Barnes


The new game from Supergiant Games has some important lessons for our current political moment.

by Chas Carey

Part 1 of a 2-part conversation between Brendon and Terry, two black people who see movies and think about them.

The racist taunting of Orioles outfielder Adam Jones by Red Sox fans points to the often invisible ugliness at the heart of liberalism.

by Andrew Forbes


"One theory can be fundamental, until replaced by something far more fundamental."

by Alicia Sometimes


Avoid the visuals. Here are some podcast recs for those looking for real, funny, thoughtful reviews of beauty products.

by Rachel Kolman

Ichiro left as he began, inscrutably, gracefully, and leaving open the possibility for more.

by Andrew Forbes

Civil’s co-founder and communications lead explains what’s so revolutionary about the new platform.

by Eric Fershtman

Poverty and desperation pervade the rural New England scene of Melanie Finn’s new literary thriller. 

by Katharine Coldiron


The In the Thick host on the role of race and class in journalism, and the racial tension in progressive politics.

by Brendon Barnes

The acclaimed novelist on his new comic book series, and the fear and violence at the heart of American culture.

by Brendon Barnes