For decades, Ichiro and other Japanese ballplayers have defied criticism and xenophobic sentiment to forge successful professional careers in the United States. 

by Andrew Forbes

Why are we always surprised by the successes of Japanese ballplayers?

In an effort to keep pace with Amazon and CVS, Walmart is working to acquire Humana, one of the country’s biggest health insurers. 

by Rachel Roberts


Contributor Andrew Forbes discusses his new column, Go! Go! Ichiro!, and makes his pennant picks.

by Eric Fershtman and Andrew Forbes

Saddled with $90 billion in debt of its own making, HNA Group tried something different. It didn’t work.

by Rachel Roberts

There's something for everyone in Seth Rogen's Netflix variety show, Hilarity for Charity. Plus: HBO's Crashing hits its stride in its second season.

by Rachel Kolman


Acknowledging the complexity of the issue, and reinvesting in community as a value, are necessary steps in resolving our uniquely American problem.

by Jenn Gilgan

contest winners

Jesse likes mushrooms, and not just the magic kind.

by Nadia Wolnisty

One minute you’re sifting through your dead grandmother’s intimates and the next you’re looking at pornography with your mother; life’s funny that way.

by Madeline Cash

On Sophia Hayden's promising, short, and tragic architectural career.

by Karolina Zapal

After a six-season interlude, Ichiro is back where he belongs, with the Seattle Mariners.

by Andrew Forbes

cool people

Julio Ricardo Varela on his new(ish) podcast In the Thick, the role of race and class in journalism, and the racial tension in progressive politics.

by Brendon Barnes

The acclaimed novelist on his new comic book series, and the fear and violence at the heart of American culture.

by Brendon Barnes