Compassion works best when it’s selfish.

by Eric Fershtman


the work: culture roundup

The light will always rise to meet the dark

Star Wars: The Last Jedi is finally here, and the holidays are for watching movies.

by Rachel Kolman


International roundup: "The dream of liberation is now a reality."

Iraq declares victory over ISIS, Rex Tillerson sends mixed signals on North Korea, and Brexit lurches forward. Plus: Duterte's war on drugs gets its day in court and Honduras continues its presidential crisis.

by Alex Brandte


Three reasons Doug Jones is Alabama’s first Democratic US senator since 1992

Black voters led the way, and write-ins played a pivotal role.

by Eric Fershtman

quote of the day

“No. I'm not.”

President Trump, when asked on Sunday if he is considering firing Special Counsel Robert Mueller.


In the latest episode, "Black Sabbath Is Becoming Really Important to Me," Brendon talks to Annie Hartnett, who released her first novel earlier this year with Tin House. It's called Rabbit Cake and it's beautiful, sad, and very funny, just like this podcast.


A Hospital Charged $1,877 to Pierce a 5-Year-Old’s Ears. This Is Why Health Care Costs So Much.

An epidemic of unnecessary treatment is wasting billions of health care dollars a year. Patients and taxpayers are paying for it.

by Marshall Allen

the work: culture roundup


news makers

'Storytelling is at the root of making change'

Nicholas Jackson on environmental journalism, print and digital media, and making a difference through well-researched storytelling.

by Eric Fershtman

culture makers

Living on that farm: Elisabeth Voltz's The Shoebox Funeral

The first-time memoirist reflects on grief, pets, and growing up.

by Rachel Kolman


How World War I sparked the artistic movement that transformed black America

A “New Negro” emerged out of the ruins of the Great War – possessed with a sense of self shaped from bold, unapologetically black models.

by Elizabeth J. West