A Wisconsin Republican Looks Back With Regret at Voter ID and Redistricting Fights

Republican efforts to impose voter ID laws and redraw election districts both wound up in federal court. Dale Schultz ended 30 years in state politics lamenting the recent displays of partisanship.

Topher Sanders | 7.10.17

Sanctioned Sacrifice

On the legacy of Shiro Ishii and Japan's infamous Unit 731.

Mindy Watson | 5.8.17

'Our core belief is that journalism can and should facilitate dialogue'

Eve Pearlman and Jeremy Hay of Spaceship Media, and Michelle Holmes of the Alabama Media Group, discuss the benefits and challenges of community-driven journalism.

Eric Fershtman | 5.8.17

But why?

Thoughts on wearing the hijab in America.

Lana Issam Ghannam | 4.24.17

'It is our ambition to be the business news outlet of this century'

Kevin J. Delaney discusses Quartz's ambitions and funding model, its new Talent Lab, and how qz.com is organized to reflect Quartz's approach to journalism.

Eric Fershtman | 4.24.17

'We look at the changing face of America with joy, not fear'

Julio Ricardo Varela on his new(ish) podcast In the Thick, the role of race and class in journalism, and the racial tension in progressive politics.

Brendon Barnes | 4.10.17

Give the Death Tax New Life

Why the estate tax matters.

Eric Farr | 3.6.17

A Little Larceny

White Christmas and the great America that never was.

Andrew Forbes | 3.1.17

'Storytelling is at the root of making change'

Nicholas Jackson on environmental journalism, print and digital media, and making a difference through well-researched storytelling.

Eric Fershtman | 3.1.17


One Alabamian hears echoes of George Wallace in the language of Donald Trump.

Terry Barr | 3.1.17