Emerie Enters Her Grandmother's Garden

Emerie Enters Her Grandmother's Garden


inspired by Alice Walker's In Search Of Our Mothers' Gardens*

A  seed   of  sage  
within  my mother's   

I attune  
    to a sacrament
of  Psalms
    poking praise

into cinnamon skin
   moving   to   music
not  yet  written*

    amid  my Great-
Great  Grandmother's

I resound
  in twice  told memories
of flowered  vegetable
  gardens   whittled
from   cracked earth
     windswept  hands
implanting turnips
   to tulips

the southern   soul
    of a Cherokee- 
Black blossom
beyond  the antebellum
     aisle of  Jim Crow.
Indigo engraved
   in her palms
 refusing  to shrivel
    like A Raisin
in the Sun.
I reap  the harvest
of hallow  dreams.

Listen to Frederick read his poem: 


header image: "anatomiefriedhof," harry pammer / flickr


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