feed your writers.

we're trying something new.

or new(ish).

well, okay, maybe it's not all that new, but still, we're trying it.  

lots of sites & magazines eschew advertisers & rely on donations and/or "sponsorships" to generate revenue, but precious few, that we've seen, actually encourage readers to support specific writers for specific content. there've been plenty of times that we've wished to demonstrate our appreciation for an essay or story with something a little more tangible than likes or retweets - we suspect that, if given the opportunity, we'd be more than happy to offer fifty cents, or a dollar or three, to somebody whose work we really, really liked. we suspect you feel the same way.


so here's our promise: every last penny you give goes to the writer that you identify, in the form of an honorarium, a little teensy thanks-for-the-read. (except what Stripe takes out as a processing fee).

note: if you don't identify whom you'd like your honorarium to go to, we'll drop it into the general fund for our administrative costs (and say thank you very much!).

note #2: because we aren't a nonprofit, your gift is not, unfortunately, tax-exempt.