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things we’re interested in: socioeconomics, politics & government, environment, foreign policy, social justice, business, law & order, science & technology, history, education, and/or the commingling/collapse of any of these categories into each other.

forms we like: literary journalism, analysis/synthesis, essays, interviews, graphic and/or photo essays, video, podcasts, or just surprise us.

word limits: we don’t care how long it is – if it’s good, it’s good.

PS - we'd love to see some column pitches.


things we're interested in: oh, culture classics like booksmoviesmusicinternet, but we really love stuff that's off the beaten path, too: reviews of apps (smartphone and restaurant), arguments against weekends, what drink to pair with which brand of cigarette, Top Chef Season 4 retrospectives, and more. specificity reigns. we also love hot takes on lukewarm subjects, and vice versa.

forms we like: essays & interviews, mostly, but hell, send us your videos & your songs & your photos - we'll throw em' up on social media if we like em'. if your meme or GIF game is strong, we want readers to know.

word limits: just please be reasonable.

PS - like those guys in capital, we're open to pitches.


things we're interested in: form can be experimental or traditional, as long as the product is well-executed. we encourage strong voices, playfulness, and emotional resonance.

forms we like: fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, comics, hybrid works, video essays.

word limits: 1500 words or less.

PS - no pitches, please.


note #1: generally, we don't provide payment for accepted work, although we do try to provide small honorariums when our budget allows us to.

note #2: if accepted, assumes first electronic rights and the nonexclusive right to archive your work indefinitely. rights revert to you on publication.