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The year of the ladies

2017 was a watershed year for many reasons, but one thing stands out above all others: the massive cultural transformation in society's treatment and understanding of, and attitudes toward, women. This trend has been driven, in large part, by female voices and characters in pop culture. 

'look what you made me do'

The solar eclipse gives us much-needed perspective (and that awesome photo of Trump staring directly at the sun), Wet Hot American Summer returns for no good reason, and Taylor Swift's new single disappoints the internet. 

where is richard simmons?

The hype surrounding the “gay scene” in Disney’s new Beauty & the Beast is overblown, and Nicole Kidman steals the show in HBO’s Big Little Lies. Plus, Missing Richard Simmons is a great, Serial-like podcast experience.

and oh we had so much time...

NPR’s new podcast In the Thick takes on race and politics from a black and brown lens, and Depeche Mode’s new album Spirit owes its “new life” to Brexit, Trump, and the rise of right-wing politics. Plus, Drake’s playlist More Life straddles the line between influence and cultural appropriation.