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The year of the ladies

2017 was a watershed year for many reasons, but one thing stands out above all others: the massive cultural transformation in society's treatment and understanding of, and attitudes toward, women. This trend has been driven, in large part, by female voices and characters in pop culture. 

The world as it is

Democrats' willingness to clean house gives them the moral high ground, but it leaves them crippled, politically. Plus: The Girlfriend Experience nails down our current political moment, and Daniel Shaver's execution by police in Arizona underscores the need for police reform.

everything is okay

Cirocco Dunlap's new web series, Everything Is Okay, mixes the technological paranoia of Black Mirror with the absurdist cityscapes of Man Seeking Woman, and Taylor Swift goes full Game of Thrones in her new video for "Look What You Made Me Do."

'look what you made me do'

The solar eclipse gives us much-needed perspective (and that awesome photo of Trump staring directly at the sun), Wet Hot American Summer returns for no good reason, and Taylor Swift's new single disappoints the internet. 

the white liberal’s burden

The events in Charlottesville are horrifying, frustrating, and exhausting, and prove that it's white men and women who need to have the conversations and the confrontations that will beat racism off Main Street and back into bunkers and mountain compounds and dank corners of the internet.

who dares wins

Earwolf's new podcast Off Book: The Improvised Musical takes improv to new heights, and Vic Mensa describes his depression and suicide attempt in his significant new song, "Rage."